Vanilla Flavor

Vanilla Flavor
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Vanilla Flavor
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[Detailed Informations]:
(1) Form: crystal powder
(2) Ingredients: this vanilla flavor is refined with rare spices.
(3) Use level: 0.05-0.3% increase or decrease by your request little dosage,obvious effect
(4) Certificate: HACCP, HALAL, FDA, ISO, GMP
(5) Nontoxic and without side-effect: Pb<0.001(pass)   As<0.0003(pass)

1. Strong butter and vanilla flavor aroma even diluted to 100 times
2. Easy to use and dissolve
3. Long lasting vanilla flavor aroma           
4. Stable physical & chemical indexes 
5. To improve quality
6. Be harmony with other ingredients&flavours
7. Reduce cost of end products for over 50% than using common one
8. Cover unpleasant odour
1. Food products: pastry, biscuit, candy, soup, beverage (cold drink)
2. Tobacco industry
3. Main ingredients of perfume finishing agent