Sodium diacetate

Sodium diacetate
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Sodium diacetate
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[Molecular weight]: 142.09 (without water)


[Generic name]: double acetic acid sodium (SDA)
[CAS NO]: 126-96-5
[Formula]: C4H7NaO4 · XH2O
[Structure]: CH3COONaCH3COOH · H2O
[Molecular weight]: 142.09 (without water)
[Appearance]: white crystalline powder or crystalline solid with taste of acetic acid. Non-toxic , soluble in water and alcohol.
[Usage]: double acetic acid sodium is a kind of multi-functional edible chemicals, mainly used for food and feed industry preservative, mildew preventive,. Chelating agent, condiment, PH regulator, keep meat fresh , and also the main raw material of mildew preventive.
Double acetic acid sodium (SDA) except with excellent mouldproof, anticorrosive, preservation effect, still can increase appetite, promote the transformation and absorb  of feed, improving  protein absorption of feed. Widely used for  mildew preventive, antiseptic, flavorings, disinfectant and PH regulator, slightly examples below:
1. used as feed addition
Adding 0.1-0.2% (1-2kg/ton) SDA can effectively prevent feed mildew ,the shelf life of feed will be  extension 1-2months, adding 0.1-0.3% of SDA In the feed processors and storage that the feed can keep fresh for 3-5month .
2. used as nutritional seasoning
Adding 0.05-0.2% SDA in the particles feed, can make the protein utilization rate increase weight gain 10% ,6-8 piglets gain   ,chicken increase weight 6-10% ,increase the weight of beef cattle for 15%. feed intake generally improve 10-20%.add situable weight of SDA in the
cows feed ,it can effectively increase content of protein.
3. used as disinfectant
Adding 0.1-0.2% SDA in aquatic feed can effectively control the microorganism result with the fish ponds sick, also can make clear disinfectant,, adding 0.05-0.3% in the poultry feed can control chicken diarrhoea, and improve the rate over 10% brood period
[Technical indicators:
Food grade
Feed grade
Sodium acetate %
Moisture %
PH(10% water solution)
Formic acid and readily oxidizable substances%
Arsenic (As)%
Weight matel (acunt with Pb)
[Packing]: inner packing with polyethylene bag and out pack with brown bag,  net weight is 25kg/bag