Sodium Nitrite Food grade

Sodium Nitrite Food grade
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Sodium Nitrite Food grade
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[CAS No.]:  7632-00-0
[Molecular Formula]: NaNO2
Greenish yellow orthorhombic crystal;specific gravity:2.168, melting point:271°C. Slightly saline taste, easy to deliquescence, easy to dissolve in water and liquid ammonia, slightly dissolve in ethanol and methyl alcohol. Can burn and explode when mix together with organic matter. It has oxidizability and reducibility, easy to form diazo compound with amino under the low temperature.
It is mainly used for producing nitrogenous base chemical compound; it is the raw materials of azo dyes,etc.; Used as the mordant and bleaching agent of fabric dyeing; used as the metal heat treatment agent, the cement early strength agent, the antifreeze,etc. It is also used in pharmacy and chemical trade.

Store it in the shady, cool and dry storehouse. Keep away from kindling material and heat source, the packaging should be sealed, can't keep in touch with the air, should preserve with flammable, combustible substance and reducing agent ,etc. , prohibit to store and transport together with other things; carefully load and unload in order to prevent damaging the container and packa
[Properties]: sodium nitrite is white or slight yellow crystal.
[Molecular]: formulaNaNO2,
[Molecular]: weight69.00.