Sodium Erythorbate

Sodium Erythorbate
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Sodium Erythorbate
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[Molecular Weight]: 216.12


[Other name]: D-Sodium isoascorbiate;
[Molecular formula]: C6H7NaO6
[Molecular Weight]: 216.12
[CAS NO]: 7378-23-6
[Character]: Sodium Erythorbate is white or yellow white crystal grain or crystal powder, odorless, has little salt, the melting point is over 200℃, it is rather stable when being dry exposed to the air, but in the water solution, when there is air, metal, heat and light, the oxidation will occur. It easily dissolves in water, 16g/100ml at normal temperature, hardly dissolves in ethanol, the PH value of 2% water solution is 6.5-8.0.
[Antioxidation property]: the antioxidation property of the Sodium Erythorbate is great larger than the one of cenolate (Sodium VC), has no effects to identify the Vitamin C, but it will not persuade the body to absorb and use the Sodium Erythorbate. The body culls the Sodium Erythorbate and changes it into Vitamin C inside the body.

[Usage]: The Sodium Erythorbate is mainly used in foodstuff industry, used as the antioxidant of the food, broadly used in meat food, fish food, beer, fruit juice, syrup crystal, fruit and vegetable tin, cake, dairy produce, confiture, sherry, pickles, and grease etc.

Sodium Erythorbate s an important antioxidant in the food industry.
1. It can keep the color and natural flavor of foods and lengthen their storage without any toxicity or side effects.
2. It can be used in meat processing, fruits, vegetables, tinned jams, etc.
3. It’s also used in drinks, such as beer, grape wines, soft drinks, fruit tea, fruit juices, etc.
[Package]: Carton (50*30*20cm). Or according to customers requirements.