Propyl Gallate; PG

Propyl Gallate; PG
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Propyl Gallate; PG
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[Molecular Weight]: 212.2


[Synonyms]: PG; Propyl 3,4,5-trihydroxybenzoate; n-Propyl gallate; Gallic acid n-propyl ester; n-Propyl 3,4,5-trihydroxybenzoate.
[EINECS]: 204-498-2
[Molecular Weight]: 212.2022
[Molecular Formula]: C10H12O5
[Melting Point(℃)]: 146-150℃
PG is a kind of white to creamy-white crystalline powder. It can be soluble in 1000 psrts of water, in 3 parts of ethanol, in 3 parts ether, and in 2000 parts of arachis oil. Propyl Gallate is an ester formed by the condensation of gallic acid and propanol. It is an antioxidant added to foods containing oils and fats to prevent oxidation.
1. Propyl Gallate is an anti-oxidant. It protects against oxidation by hydrogen peroxide and oxygen free radicals, in a catalytic manner similar to superoxide dismutase.
2. Propyl Gallate can be used to protect oils and fats in products from oxidation.
3. Propyl Gallate powder can be used in foods, cosmetics, hair products, adhesives, and lubricants.
4. PG can also be used as a triplet quencher in fluorescence microscopy.
[Storage]: Store in dry places and keep away from strong direct light and heat.
[Package]: 25kg per drum, or according to request

[Molecular formula]: C10H12O5
[Molecular Weight]: 212.2
[CAS NO.]: 121-79-9
[Food grade]: USP23/NF18 ( Assay: ≥100.0% )
[Feed grade]: (Assay: 99.0%―100.0% )
[Tech grade]: ( Assay: ≥98.0% )
[Packing]: 25kg net fibre drum with plastic bag inside.