Potassium nitrate

Potassium nitrate
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Potassium nitrate
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7757-79-1, 14797-55-8
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[Molecular Weight]: 101.10


[Properties]:Potassium nitrate is colorless transparent orthorhombic crystal or white powder, RD2.109. MP 334°C.


Potassium nitrate technical grade is a crystalline powder with white colour, sometimes slightly yellowish-green. It is easy soluble in water. Used in many sectors in industry and agriculture: as a component of some types of powders and pyrotechnics mixtures; in the glass industry for decolorization and clarification of crystal glass to reinforce the glass; in the manufacture of enamels, thermal salts; in the metallurgy for hardening/tempering of metals; as an undiluted valuable fertilizer containing two nutrients.


1.Potassium nitrate is used in glass shell of kinescope and car lamp, fertilizer, the material of explosive and firework.

2.Potassium nitrate powder is used in the making of medicine, cigarette paper, catalyst, mill run agent, enamel material, salt bath, chromogenic reagent and antiseptic.

[Defence]: Wearing mask and gloves, no inhale the powder, protect skin
[Storage]: In cool, dry and airiness place, no mixed with organic matter, oxidant and acid, avoid rain and sunlight, no knock
[Packing]: plastic bag lined woven bag or plastic-paper bag , Net wt. 20 / 25 / 50 / 500 / 1000KG.
[CASNO]: 7757-79-1, 14797-55-8
[Molecular Formular]: KNO3
[Molecular Weight]: 101.10