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[Molecular weight]: 3352


[Introduction]: Nisin is a food preservative which is well-known around the world. It is a polypeptide, it is rapidly inactivated in the intestine by digestive enzymes after consumption, Extensive micro-biological tests have not shown any cross resistant between Nisin and medical antibacterial drug. It is a natural food preservative which is highly efficient, safe and has no side-effects. In addition, it has excellent solubility and stability in food.
[Molecular formula]: C141H228 N41O38S7
[Molecular weight]: 3352
[Application]: Nisin can be used in a wide range of heat-processed foods. These include: fresh milk, processed cheese and other dairy products, pasteurised liquid egg, processed meat, seafood, canned food, fruit drinks, vinegar, sauce, soy sauce, composite flavorings, plant protein drinks, baked products, instant food, beer, wine ect. It can also be used as a preservative in gelatin processing, cosmetics, drugs and health products.
[General dosage]: 0.03-0.2gram per kilogram food to be processed Nisin dissolve well in low pHcondition. You may confect solution with PH3-4 and containing 5%Nisin preparation by adding diluted acetic acid, diluted citric acid or 0.02ml/l HCL first, then put it into the food and mix fully. Or, dilutegradually and add. Sometimes, Nisin can be dissolved directly in the original soup of the food. Nisin can also be used together with other food preservatives.
[Packaging]: 100g、500g、5kg、10kg or packed to customer’s requirement.
[Expiration]: 2 years in cool ( 0℃-10℃), dry conditions, away from direct sunlight in original unopened packs.