Natamycin( Pimaricin )

Natamycin( Pimaricin )
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Natamycin( Pimaricin )
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[Molecular weight]: 665.75


[Introduction]: Natamycin( Pimaricin ) is an antimycotic product which have broad and effective action. It not only inhibits the growth of different moulds and yeasts, but also inhibits the production of their toxin. Commercial Natamycin contains 50% of the active substance. Small quantities of Natamycin can inhibit all moulds and yeasts, which cause food spoilage. Natamycin has no effect on bacteria, so it does not prevent in the natural maturing process of yoghurt , cheese , fresh Ham, sausage, ect.
[Molecular formula]: C33H47NO13
[Molecular weight]: 665.75
[Physical characteristic]: Natamycin is a white to yellow flavourless, odourless crystalline powder. It is very stable with its crystal form. The solubility of Natamycin is very low in water and in most organic solvents. Only 50mg Natamycin can be dissolved in pure water at room temperature. The low solubility makes it very suitable for use on the surface of food. Natamycin will stay on surface of food, where most moulds and yeasts may grow, but does not influence the natural course of fermentation inside.
[The activation and stability]: Many factors can influence the stability of Natamycin: acidity (PH value), temperature, light, oxygen, heavy metal, etc.
[Usage]: Food preservative. Ideal result can be achieved by using Natamycin on the exposed surface of the food where the moulds and yeasts may grow. This is especially useful for cheese manufacture, since the mould growth is prevented, while the cheese ripening bacteria will grow and metabolize normally. The product should be stored in dry, cool (not exceeding 15℃ ) places, in original sealed container, and prevent from direct sunlight.
[Application]: The FAO/WHO Joint Expert Committee on Food Additive confirmed the acceptable daily intake (ADI) if Natamycin as 0.3mg/KG (total body weight). This was also endorsed by the EU. In China its use is permitted in the food industry.
[Product details]: Extracted from egg albumen liquid, Lysozyme Chloride can dissolve the cell-wall and sterilize the Gram Positive Bacteria.
[Application includes]: Sanitation articles(toothpaste, mouthwash, chewing gum). Drugs(eye drops, tablets, entreric-coated tablets). Preservation additives(it can be used in fresh meat and sea food to extend the shelf life).
Lysozyme Chloride can also be used in cheese to wipe out odor aroused in the fermentation step.
Lysozyme can also be used in wine instead of chemical preservatives).Nutritian(infant milk powder, special drink and milk, special feed).
[Recommended dosage]: 50 - 500ppm depends on different products.
[Shelf life]: 18months in cool, dry, sealed conditions; 36 months in frozen conditions.
Liquid egg white
Dialyzed white amorpho powder
0,2% max
16% min
95min(1.5% OD% 640nm)
Standard plate count of bacteria
1000/g max
100/g max
95%min(18000u/mg min)