Gromwell Pigment

Gromwell Pigment
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Gromwell Pigment
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Color fixative


Gromwell Pigment

[Decscription]: Gromwell Pigment is a natural red color refined from high quality gromwell root cultivated in the North-west of China. The main composition is Acetylshikonin. It can be oleoresin liquid, pasty or powder form, resists heat and stable in light. It has excellent stability in acid and neutral environment. It is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries.

Gromwell Pigment Oil SolubleIt is a natural purple viscous pasty color, easily dissolves in ethanol and oil. The product is widely used in the products that need purple color, like baking, stuffing, cookie, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and so on.

Gromwell Pigment Water SolubleIt is a purple liquid or powder transformed from oil soluble type. It can easily disperse in water. The product is widely used in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and so on.