Erythorbic Acid

Erythorbic Acid
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Erythorbic Acid
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[Molecular Weight]:176.12


[Product Name]: D-Isoascorbic Acid
[EINECS]: 201-928-0
[Molecular Weight]: 190.1507
[Molecular Formula]: C7H10O6
[Density]: 1.751g/cm3
[Melting Point(℃)]: 167-172℃
[Boiling Point(℃)]: 502.7°C at 760 mmHg
[Flash Point(℃)]: 212.9°C
Erythorbic Acid is white or slightly yellow crystal or powder. It is easily soluble in water (a 30% range of soluble) and alcohol with m.p. of 164-171°C. Erythorbic Acid has easy deoxidization, easily changes color when dry, and is easily mutated when it meet with air in water solution.
[Pakcage]: Inside packing - edible polyethylene plastic film and aluminum film. Outside packing – carton (50*30*20cm); N.W.: 26.0kg. Or according to customer’s requirements.

[Character]: The Erythorbic Acid is the stereo isomer of Vitamin C, so its chemical character is same to the Vitamin C. The Erythorbic Acid is white to light yellow white crystal or crystal powder, odorless, has sourness, the melting point is 166~172℃ and decompounding, it will get gradually into black when meeting light. In dry state, it is rather stable in the air, but in the solution, when exposed to the air, it will quickly metamorphose, hardly have the physiology activity actions of the ascorbic acid, the antioxidation property is better than the ascorbic acid, but the heatdurability is poor, the reductibility is strong, the heavy metal ion can speed its decompounding.
[Antioxidation property]: the antioxidation property of the Erythorbic Acid is great larger than the Vitamin C, has no effects to identify Vitamin C, but it will not inhibit the body to absorb and use the Erythorbic Acid. The body culls the Erythorbic Acid and changes it into Vitamin C inside the body.
[Usage]: The Erythorbic Acid is mainly used in foodstuff industry, used as the antioxidant of the food, broadly used in meat food, fish food, beer, fruit juice, syrup crystal, fruit and vegetable tin, cake, dairy produce, confiture, sherry, pickles, and grease etc.