Creatine phosphate

Creatine phosphate
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Creatine phosphate
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Sports / Ergogenic Supplements


[Synonyms]: Phosphocreatine, Creatine phosphate free acid; Creatine Phosphate; N-(N1-(dihydroxyphosphinyl)amidino)sarcosine;N-Phosphocreatine;N-(Phosphonoamidino)-sarcosine.
[Molecular Weight]:  211.11
[CAS Number]:  67-07-2
[EINECS]:  200-643-9
[Formula]: C4H10N3O5P
[Density]: 1.83g/cm3
[Boiling Point]: 520.3 ° C at 760 mmHg
[Flash Point]: 268.5 ° C
[Vapor Pressure]: 3.19E-12mmHg at 25 ° C
Creatine Phosphate is an organic compound and it can provide a quick source of energy for muscle fibers to contract when they need an initial burst of energy. The other name for which is phosphocreatine (Pcr). It is also found in the brain and provides a similar burst of energy for neurons. It is used to anaerobically generate ATP from ADP, forming creatine for the 2 to 7 seconds following an intense effort. 
Medical use: heart problems.
Sporting use: Creatine Phosphate is a high-energy compound that can improve muscle strength, combined with protein synthetic hormones used can achieve the best effect.
The function of creatine phosphate is to store energy. This energy is than transformed into ATP to re-manufacture the ATP. This provides the sufficient power to do some work.
If there is not enough creatine phosphate, then the body will need to use its glycogen reserves to provide energy. The total amount of creatine stored in the body, as much as 60 percent is stored as creatine phosphate. And when extra creatine is stored in the muscles, you can have plenty of energy to help you better work. For example, if you are runner, it will give you that little extra boost to get you past the finish line or even win a race.

White acerate crystalline powder
Keep sealed with PE bags. Product can be packaged in accordance with the requirements of customers.