Calcium Malate

Calcium Malate
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Calcium Malate
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Minerals / Trace Elements


Synonyms: Butanedioate, 2-Hydroxy-, Calcium Hydrogen Salt (2:1:2); Butanedioic Acid, 2-Hydroxy-, Calcium Salt (2:1); Calcium Bis(3-carboxy-2-hydroxypropanoate); Calcium Hydrogen 2-Hydroxysuccinate (1:2:2); Calcium 2-Hydroxybutanedioate.
EINECS: 241-498-1.
Molecular Weight: 172.1496.
Molecular Formula: C4H4CaO5.
Boiling Point(℃): 306.4°C at 760 mmHg.
Flash Point(℃): 153.4°C.
Calcium Malate is a compound with formula Ca(C2H4O(COO)2). It is the calcium salt of malic acid. As a food additive, it has the E number E352. It is related to, but different from, calcium citrate malate.
Calcium Malate can be used as a dietary supplement and as a nutrient. Calcium is vital for strong bone and teeth formation. It also helps to maintain a regular heartbeat and transmission of nerve impulses.
1. Participate in neuromuscular activity and the neurotransmitter release.
2. Regulate the secretion of hormones.
3. Adjust the rhythm of the lower the permeability of cardiovascular control inflammation and edema to maintain acid-base balance, and so on.
Package: 25kg/bag or as per customer's requirement.