Adipic acid monomethyl ester

Adipic acid monomethyl ester
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Adipic acid monomethyl ester
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CAS RN.: 627-91-8
EINECS: 211-019-0
Molecular Weight: 159.1604
Molecular Formula: C7H11O4
Melting Point(℃): 8-9℃
Boiling Point(℃): 291.6°C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point(℃): 107.9°C
1. The first is used for nylon 66 and engineering plastic raw materials. Second is used in the production of various kinds of ester products, used as a plasticizer and advanced lubricant. In addition, the adipic acid is used as the material of polyurethane elastomer, acidification agent of various food and beverage, its effect is better than sometimes citric acid and tartaric acid. Adipic acid is also medicine, yeast extract, pesticides, adhesives, synthetic leather, synthetic dyes and spice materials.
2. Adipic a sour taste soft and durable, the larger the pH change within the concentration range of small, is a good pH regulator. Can be used for jelly powder and solid drink powder, the maximum usage were 0.15 g/kg and 0.01 g/kg.
3. Used as chemical reagent, used in the base class and the potassium permanganate calibrating benchmark,
4. Organic synthetic polymer material, fine chemicals and manufacturing raw materials, used in the manufacture of polyester resin. Also used in the synthesis of adipic acid diethyl ester, adipic acid dibutyl adipate and diisooctyl esters, such as, is the important raw material for manufacture of nylon 66 and polyurethane foam, is also a synthesis of pharmaceutical raw materials, spices.
5. Also used as a lubricant, pH regulator and manufacturing plasticizer, pesticide and adhesive, etc. Used as a beverage, fruit juice sour agent in food industry, buffer and flavouring agent, also used for making wine and cheese.
6. Used in the oil can improve oil quality, used as a buffering agent can prevent most fruit Browning. Due to the low moisture absorption, can be used for making solid powder juice.

[Packing specification]: 200L metal drum or tank car or according to demands from customers.
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