Mr. Mixed Container

Why not try Mr.Mix (mixed-container with food ingredients)
Want to buy food ingredients with small quantity but nobody is willing to supply?
Regularly buy several kinds of food ingredients but it's always a headache to deal with different suppliers & shipping agents?
Have to pay extra fees when you release the goods shipped by LCL?
SINOCHEM NANJING will be your best partner to help you out from all these troubles. The primary benefits you can get from Mr. Mix:
1) Expanding your product line & getting more business chances
2) Avoid paying extra fee to the shipping agent at destination
3) No transfer in halfway which makes Prompt Delivery possible
4) Zero Damage or Lack on the way
Why is SINOCHEM NANJING to act as Mr.Mix ?
SINOCHEM NANJING is one of the largest exporters of food ingredients in China
SINOCHEM NANJING has the facility support of our warehouses at three main China ports: Shanghai, Qingdao,Tianjing(Xingang), Huangpu and so on.
SINOCHEM NANJING makes instant quality control before loading with our own laboratory right beside the warehouse
More link with the industry of food ingredients in China
An excellent company with SGS and CIQ inspection
Don't hesitate to send Mr.Mix e-mail today if you are to buy some kinds of food ingredients.
Mr.Mix will contact with you immediately.